Northern Rockies: Quiet Nature - Sound Effects Library
Northern Rockies: Quiet Nature - Sound Effects Library
Northern Rockies: Quiet Nature - Sound Effects Library
Northern Rockies: Quiet Nature - Sound Effects Library
Northern Rockies: Quiet Nature - Sound Effects Library
Northern Rockies: Quiet Nature - Sound Effects Library
Northern Rockies: Quiet Nature - Sound Effects Library

Thomas Rex Beverly

Northern Rockies: Quiet Nature - Sound Effects Library

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  • In Northern Rockies: Quiet Nature, get a collection of the most serene ambiences from the mountains of Montana. Hear the massive sparseness of glacial valleys and still water. Hear majestic swaying of old growth forest and naked trunks left by wildfire. Hear Lodgepole pines creaking, fluttering Aspen wind, and Ruffed grouse drumming on hollow logs. This library is packed full of “quiet nature” tracks from the continental divide of North America, the crown of the continent where glacial meltwaters flow all the way to the Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico, and to the Hudson Bay. Perfect for use as the foundation of your designed environment, some stretches of rare natural silence are up to 45 minutes!
  • Only 26 glaciers (of the 150 in 1850) remain in Glacier National Park and all are predicted to melt within 30 years. Hear the sounds of this stunning natural cathedral while the glaciers remain. The ecosystem won’t sound the same when they’re gone.

2% for the Environment & Carbon Neutral:

  • Two percent of the price of this library is donated to an environmental cause. I view it as an "artist royalty" for the planet! 
  • Carbon offset credits were purchased for the Northern Rockies Series. Field Recording travel for these libraries was carbon neutral!

    Key Features:

    • Quiet Nature recordings from the coniferous forests of the northern Rocky Mountains. 
    • Desolate ambiences with no wildlife
    • Serene ambiences with minimal or distant flora and fauna. 
    • Large glacial and small beaver dam lakes
    • Summer meltwater was not the focus of this library. Rushing water was avoided and recorded at a distance as part of flora and fauna ambiences. 
    • Ruffed grouse "drumming" can be heard as distant bass thumps. Read more about how males create this sound by beating their wings on hollow logs – here
    • Other included wildlife: Swainson's ThrushesWilson's Snipes, resonant "xylophone" woodpeckers, territorial beaver tail slaps, angry Chipmunks, and bats up to 90 kHz.  

      File List & Metadata:

      • Coming Soon!
      • All flora and fauna sounds in the library are quiet – with an average LUFS of -40. 
      • Flora and Fauna are described in these terms: 
      • "stillness"  close to absolute silence with no plants or animals
      • "fauna sparse"intermittent animals only
      • "fauna constant" – continuous animals only
      • "flora sparse" – intermittent plants only
      • "flora constant" – continuous plants only
      • "flora and fauna sparse"intermittent plants and animals
      • "flora and fauna constant"continuous plants and animals


      • Coming Soon!

      Text Markers:

      • Named markers are included in each file to help find interesting events in an otherwise uniform waveform!
      • Marker text included in the Soundminer description and BWAV description fields.

      Gear Used:

      • Sennheiser MKH 8040 Matched Pair in ORTF
      • Sound Devices 702
      • Rycote ORTF Blimp


      • Categories: Environments, Quiet Nature
      • Location: Glacier National Park, Montana – summer
      • Specs: 16 GB – 192 kHz / 24-bit – 45 WAV files – 45+ sounds – Average Integrated Loudness: -40 LUFS. 
      • Duration: Approx. 240 min (4 hours) total
      • Metadata: CSV, Soundminer, BWAV, RX/Reaper/Soundminer Markers
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