Thomas's main goal as a field recordist is to go on long expeditions focused on capturing soundscapes of the natural world and sharing stories from those adventures. His expeditions are often physically demanding and bring together the adventure sports worlds of mountaineering, tree climbing, diving, skiing, and backpacking with the audio storytelling of field recording. Historically expeditions of this type focus on adventure photography and filmmaking. Instead, Thomas is primarily an adventure field recordist. Thomas dreams of traveling to wild places where he can discover sounds he didn't know existed. 

Here's a list of his major expeditions: 

  • 2024 Redwoods Climbing Expedition (Autumn)
  • 2024 Patagonia Glaciers Expedition (Summer)
  • 2023 Iceland Glaciers Expedition (Winter) - Blog Post
  • 2022 Norway Glaciers Expedition (Summer)
  • 2022 Greenland Glaciers Expedition (Summer) - Blog 1, Blog 2, Blog 3, Podcast, Videos
  • 2021 Iceland Expedition (Summer)
  • 2019 Alaska Expedition (Summer) - Blog Post, Podcast


As a field recordist and composer, Thomas explores our evolving planet through sound. In today’s fast-paced world, there are too many people drowning in an unhealthy lack of silence. Soundscapes free from noise pollution are vanishing at an alarming rate, so we must take the opportunity to reconnect with pristine nature whenever possible. Through his stories, field recordings, music, and sound art he hopes to inspire listeners to help preserve these precious natural soundscapes for future generations.

His quest to explore and record has led him to record the wild sounds of bears, birds of prey, hummingbirds, parrots, songbirds, bats, coyotes, fox, sika deer, elk, moose, insects and many more. Beyond animals, Beverly loves weather.

Since his boyhood days of storm chasing, he has always been awed by storms. This has led to recording adventures in all sorts of weather. Imagine the sounds of summer storms dropping quarter-sized hailstones, dangerously close lightning strikes tearing the sky, biting sandstorms on exposed skin, hurricane force winds you can lean into, and massive snow storms triggering roaring avalanches.

Beyond ambiences, Beverly offers raw materials for sound design. These sound libraries focus on unheard sounds of natural materials. Imagine the sounds of bowed cactus screeching with otherworldly energy, ringing rocks chiming like church bells, giant pinecones stuttering like alien languages, and aeolian harps singing the natural music of the wind.



    • My sound libraries were used in these projects. Read my full list of testimonials, clients, and credits – here


    • Quotes from Oscar and Emmy winning sound editors and sound designers who use my field recordings in their creative work. Read the full list of 40+ testimonials here: https://thomasrexbeverly.com/pages/credits. Below are a few highlights.
    • Stephen Flick – OSCAR winning Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designer – Speed, Pulp Fiction, Deadwood, Twister, Robocop, Die Hard. "In my USC sound design lectures; I refer my students to TRB'S  extraordinary SFX Recordings, they are a great place to start”. “The sounds of your recordings 'jump off the tape' Like​​ Doug Hemphill's Sound Effects Recordings for Black Stallion Returns”.
    • Tim Farrell – Golden Reel winning Sound Designer and Sound Effects Editor – Star Trek: Picard, Star Trek: Discover, Star Trek: Short Treks, The Walking Dead, Crash. "Thomas’ unique and well recorded sounds have helped me create the sonic universe of Star Trek."
    • Tim Walston – Golden Reel winning Sound Designer – Pacific Rim, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pet Semetary, Riddick, Bumblebee. "Thomas' nature recordings are astounding in their clarity, purity, and authenticity. His passion for field recording is evident in every track. I've used some of his Sound Design libraries as source material and I love the unique character they offer. High quality, highly talented and highly recommended!"
    • Stefan Henrix – EMMY winning Supervising Sound Editor – Game of Thrones, Chernobyl, Batman Begins. "The desert recordings are quite exceptional. So quiet, clean and the wildlife is amazing.”
    • Robert Stambler – Sound Designer – Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Venom. “Bowed Cactus” is a fresh and original take on the classic Godzilla vocal creation approach... except instead of the familiar textures of bowed metal and strings… it's totally organic! From sweeteners for door creaks for a horror film to full blown alien creature screams - and at 192 kHz you can tweak the sound til your heart’s content and still maintain an extremely high quality that doesn’t reek of processing - I’m excited for whatever Tom cooks up next!”
    • Russell Gorsky – Sound Editor – Frozen II, Ballers, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. "The High Desert series is one of my go-to's for exterior BG's. There’s so much subtlety and detail. Those libraries bring so much life to each project I work on.”
    • Filip Krzyżykowski – Sound Designer at DreamSound Studio – "Your recordings totally rewired my perception of nature sounds. Beautiful work.”


    • Thomas is a graduate of Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas where he received a bachelor’s degree in music composition. He completed a Master of Arts in Teaching in Music Education at Trinity University and then taught as the Band and Choral Director at KIPP Aspire Academy in San Antonio.
    • Thomas is also a graduate of Bowling Green State University with a Master's degree in Music Composition and Music Technology. 
    • Since 2016 Thomas has been a full time field recordist focusing on the release of nature sound libraries and traveling on adventure field recording expeditions. He resides in San Antonio, Texas.


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