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Nature Sound Libraries


Nature Sound Libraries


Nature Sound Libraries

Testimonials from Oscar, Emmy, and Golden Reel winners

"Thomas’ unique and well recorded sounds have helped me create the sonic universe of Star Trek."

Tim Farrell: Golden Reel winning Sound Designer – Star Trek: Picard, Star Trek: Discover, Star Trek: Short Treks, The Walking Dead, Crash

"For high quality content you can’t get better than Tom’s nature recordings. They are pristine and detailed. I always struggle to find the right combination of ambiences when I’m building a scene but my first port of call is always Tom’s library. I wish all field recordists were as professional, dedicated and passionate as he is."

Emmy winning sound editor – Avatar, Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom, Sherlock, Oblivion

"In my USC sound design lectures; I refer my students to TRB'S extraordinary SFX Recordings, They are a great place to start."

Stephen Flick: OSCAR winning Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designer – Speed, Pulp Fiction, Deadwood, Twister, Robocop, Die Hard

"Thomas' nature recordings are astounding in their clarity, purity, and authenticity. His passion for field recording is evident in every track. I've used some of his Sound Design libraries as source material and I love the unique character they offer. High quality, highly talented and highly recommended!"

Tim Walston: Golden Reel winning Sound Designer – Pacific Rim, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pet Semetary, Riddick, Bumblebee

“Bowed Cactus” is a fresh and original take on the classic Godzilla vocal creation approach... except instead of the familiar textures of bowed metal and strings… it's totally organic! From sweeteners for door creaks for a horror film to full blown alien creature screams...”

Robert Stambler: SOUND DESIGNER – Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Venom

"After constant searching and many failed recording attempts of my own; I have finally found the beautiful winds and tones I have been missing in Tom's libraries!"

Filipe Messeder: Emmy winning Sound Effects Editor – Free Solo, The Lighthouse

"I think the Nature Roomtones are indispensable for game sound designers who are creating their ambiences and implementing them piece by piece! These sound amazing and I can't wait to start using them."

Alex Previty: Golden Reel winning Sound Designer – Spider-Man PS4, Death Stranding, Ratchet & Clank, Discord, Vainglory

"Fantastic recordings! I've used different libraries on Four Feature films and look forward to hearing Thomas' future work."

Stephen Griffiths: GOLDEN REEL and BAFTA winning Supervising Sound Editor – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Jawbone, Big Little Lies

For the full list of testimonials, clients, and credits click – here

My sound libraries were used in these projects:

Star Trek: Picard
Frozen II
The Walking Dead
Jack Ryan
Star Trek: Discovery
Sonic the Hedgehog
Fear the Walking Dead
Pet Sematary

For the full list of testimonials, clients, and credits click – here.

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