Nature Sound Libraries

Thomas Rex Beverly

AMB18 High Desert Ambiences 5: Crickets B01 Complete Bundle B02 Sound Design Bundle SD08 Whoosh: Desert Foliage SD07 Bowed Cactus

Field REcordings

25 Sound Libraries

221 GB, 51 hours, 192 kHz/24-bit

Complete Bundle

Thomas Rex Beverly

Field Recording Values

An astonishing number natural soundscapes are disappearing. I work to preserve as many as I can. 

Mastering Rules

I don't "photoshop" my nature sounds. Read my Field Recording Mastering Rules to find out more!

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2% For the Environment

Two percent of the price of each library is donated to an environmental cause, as an “artist royalty” for the planet!

Support Causes

Carbon Neutral Travel

Carbon offset credits were purchased to offset my field recording travel starting with AMB10. 

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