Value Added Taxes

  • EU and United Kingdom Customers Only
  • EU and UK Consumers: Value Added Tax is added at checkout based on EU or UK billing address country
  • EU and UK Businesses are VAT Exempt 
  • Read more about the VAT rules on the A Sound Effect Blog

    EU & United Kingdom Business Customers Are Tax Exempt

    • My website does not have to capability to automatically mark business customers as tax exempt. I have to do it manually. 
    • If you need the sounds urgently (or I'm off the grid recording), please place the order now and I will refund the VAT as soon as possible. View my trip dates – here

    How to Setup Your Customer Account for VAT Exemption: 

    1. Create a customer account.
    2. Contact me – here – and include your EU or GB VAT ID and the email address you used to create your customer account. Then I'll add your VAT ID to your account and mark you as tax exempt. 
    3. For future purchases, just log into your customer account and you will not be charged VAT at checkout!

    If you have any issues, contact me – here – or ping me on my live chat.