How do I download my files? 

  • Click the "Download Links - Valid for 3 days" button in your order confirmation email. This link will redirect to your checkout page. 
  • On your checkout page, follow the "Click here to download your digital goods" link to access your SendOwl download links.
  • Click each SendOwl download button, one by one. Each link will download a large ZIP file (4GB or less) containing the sound effects. 
  • Do this from a PC or laptop, and avoid using download manager software.
  • Once downloaded, double-click the ZIP file. It will unpack with all sound effects inside. Download links are valid for 3 days from the time of purchase and for 2 download attempts.

My download is corrupted or files seem to be missing! 

  • If the zip file is corrupted please re-download the file and if necessary contact me to reset your download attempts. I am happy to give more than 2 download attempts if you are having any download issues. 
  • First, download the File List/CSV from the product page and check to see that all audio files were delivered. If you notice an error, please contact me immediately. 

My downloads speeds are slow!

  • Free Sounds – Free Sounds Collections 1 & 2 are distributed with Dropbox. You can download these sounds directly or add them your Dropbox account. Dropbox download speeds may be slower outside the United States. 
  • Paid Orders – Paid orders use Amazon's worldwide cloud infrastructure to distribute the digital files. I pay Amazon S3 a premium to make sure your download speeds are lightning fast anywhere in the world. Amazon S3 provides download speeds that max out your local connection. So, if you have a 50 Mbps connection, my sound libraries should download at 50 Mbps. Please contact me if you are experiencing slow download speeds and I will work to remedy the problem ASAP. 

I lost all my files! Can I get new download links? 

  • Of course, you can get new download links! I provide this replacement option free of charge. Just contact me - here - and I'll send you further instructions on how you can replace your lost sound libraries. 

Where do I put in my VAT ID?

  • EU Businesses are VAT Exempt - Set up your customer account - here - to purchase tax free!

I just paid and forgot to put in my VAT ID? What do I do? 

  • Contact me - here. I'll refund the value added tax you paid and send you an updated PDF invoice!