What is the Sound Library Guarantee? 

  • Purchase risk-free! If you're unhappy with my field recordings in any way, I'll give you store credit equal to the cost of the sound library. Read the full details in Section 4 of my Terms and Conditions

How can I use your sounds? 

  • Please read the full sound library End-User License Agreement. Written in plain English, without tons of legalese, it clearly details how you can use my sounds!

Do you have sales? 

  • I only have new release sales. Read my full Sale & Promotion Policy – here.

What's the difference between Quiet Nature, Active Nature, Miniature, Animals & Creatures, and Sound Design sound libraries? 

  • Nature Roomtones = natural soundscapes with zero fauna, sparse flora, and sparse water. Location non-specific because of zero wildlife. These sounds can be used as a bed for any natural environment you are creating. 

  • Zero Wildlife = Libraries without fauna (wildlife).

  • Quiet Nature = natural soundscapes with sparse fauna (wildlife), sparse flora (usually wind), and sparse water.

  • Active Nature = active fauna (wildlife), flora (usually wind), and water.

  • Sound Design = unique sound material for your sound design needs

    When Can I Use my Discount Code?

    • Discount codes are only valid for full price items
    • Discount codes cannot be combined. 

      My downloads speeds are slow!

      • Free Sounds are distributed with WeTransfer. 
      • Paid Orders – Paid orders use Amazon's worldwide cloud infrastructure to distribute the digital files. I pay Amazon a premium to make sure your download speeds are lightning fast anywhere in the world. Please contact me if you are experiencing slow download speeds and I will work to remedy the problem ASAP. 

        How do I download my files? 

        • Click the "Download Links - Valid for 7 days" button in your order confirmation email. This link will redirect to your checkout page. 
        • On your checkout page, follow the "Click here to download your digital goods" link to access your SendOwl download links.
        • Click each SendOwl download button, one by one. Each link will download a large ZIP file containing the sound effects. 
        • Do this from a PC or laptop, and avoid using download manager software.
        • Once downloaded, double-click the ZIP file. It will unpack with all sound effects inside. 

        My download is corrupted or files seem to be missing! 

        • If the zip file is corrupted please re-download the file and if necessary contact me to reset your download attempts.
        • Download the File List/CSV from the product page and check to see that all audio files were delivered. If you notice an error, please contact me immediately. 
        • Run a SHA256 checksum for the corrupted file and then compare the file you downloaded with the full list of checksums for all zip files in my catalog – File Size and Hash Master List. If the checksums do not match, please re-download the zip file. 

          I lost all my files! Can I get new download links? 

          • Of course, you can get new download links! I provide this replacement option free of charge. Just contact me - here - and I'll send you further instructions on how you can replace your lost sound libraries. 

          Response Times: 

          • I check my work email twice per day. Usually once in the early afternoon and once in the evening Eastern Standard Time (I'm based in Philadelphia). So, you can expect responses to most things within 24 hours.
          • If I'm out field recording, response times can be as long as 14 days. However, if I am "out of the office" I post my travel dates – here

          Where do I put in my VAT ID?

          • EU Businesses are VAT Exempt - Set up your customer account - here - to purchase tax free!

          I just paid and forgot to put in my VAT ID? What do I do? 

          • Contact me - here. I'll refund the value added tax you paid and send you an updated PDF invoice!