High Desert Ambiences 2: Active Nature
High Desert Ambiences 2: Active Nature
High Desert Ambiences 2: Active Nature
High Desert Ambiences 2: Active Nature
High Desert Ambiences 2: Active Nature
High Desert Ambiences 2: Active Nature
High Desert Ambiences 2: Active Nature

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High Desert Ambiences 2: Active Nature

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            • Explore a large collection of beautiful, tranquil sounds from remote desert locations across the American southwest and enjoy listening to the morning sun awaken desert wildlife. This serene collection features sounds that will make you fall in love with the harmonious desert dawn. Sounds include doves cooing, woodpeckers hammering, White-throated Swifts in swirling flocks, and much more. Featured like never before are recordings of Swainson’s hawks so close you can hear the whoosh as their powerful wings cut through the air. For the second installment of my lush, peaceful nature sounds from the heart of the American Southwest, here's High Desert Ambiences 2: Active Nature.

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            • Two percent of the price of this library is donated to an environmental cause. I view it as an "artist royalty" for the planet!

            Key Features:

            • This library is filled with the "Active Nature" sounds of desert mornings. 
            • Swainson’s Hawks – a male and female recorded near their nest in a 200-foot cliff. Recordings are from below the nest and include close, distant, circling, diving, and soaring perspectives.
            • White-throated Swifts – flocks of small barn swallow-like birds circling, darting, and whooshing in front of a desert cliff. 
            • Other birds included: Canyon Wrens, Bewick’s Wrens, Montezuma Quail, White-winged Doves, Western Screech-Owls, Aoudad SheepRufous-crowned SparrowsEastern Meadowlarks, and many more labeled as “songbirds” if not identified by species. 
            • Tracks starting with the filename "Quiet Desert" have low wildlife activity and are perfect “natural roomtones” to use as the foundation of a designed environment. If you need more "Quiet Nature" tracks check out High Desert Ambiences 3: Quiet Nature
            • All tracks normalized between -10 and -20 dBFS. Most tracks have an integrated loudness between -25 and -45 LUFS. 
            • Most files are 3-6 minutes in length
            • Named markers included in each file to help find interesting events in an otherwise uniform waveform. Starting in Soundminer 4.5Pro_v252 you can now read text markers from within Soundminer!

            • Marker text included in the Soundminer Description and BWAV description fields.
            • Recording Location - Davis Mountains, Texas 
            • *Note – Birds were self-identified using several iOS apps and bird identification websites, so I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy of species identification. 

            Gear Used:

            • Sennheiser MKH 8040 Matched Pair in ORTF
            • Sound Devices 702
            • Rycote ORTF Blimp

            File List:

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            • UPDATE – the name of this library was changed from High Desert Ambiences 2: Dawn Choruses to High Desert Ambiences 2: Active Nature on 11/28/2017. 

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            Library Info:

            • Categories: Desert Ambience, Quiet Nature
            • Specs: 19.89 GB - 192 kHz / 24-bit - 94 stereo WAV files, 94+ sounds
            • Duration: Approx. 287 min (4 hours and 47 min) total 
            • Metadata: Included, PDF/Excel, Soundminer, BWAV, RX/Reaper/Soundminer Markers
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