AMB77 Patagonia: Alpine and Forest Wind
AMB77 Patagonia: Alpine and Forest Wind
AMB77 Patagonia: Alpine and Forest Wind
AMB77 Patagonia: Alpine and Forest Wind
AMB77 Patagonia: Alpine and Forest Wind
AMB77 Patagonia: Alpine and Forest Wind
AMB77 Patagonia: Alpine and Forest Wind
AMB77 Patagonia: Alpine and Forest Wind

AMB77 Patagonia: Alpine and Forest Wind

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  • In Patagonia: Alpine & Forest Wind get an expansive collection of blustery wind from the wild landscapes of South America. Hear the soothing wind of dwarf Lenga trees gently swishing in nighttime gusts. Hear eerie air sweeping through mountain valleys with 8000 feet of prominence and blustery 80+ mph gusts that knocked me off my feet many times. Hear gusts so massive you can feel them roaring down the valley when you touch the earth and haunting wire drones so emotional they sing.
  • This library offers a large collection of Patagonia weather from one of the windiest places on earth. I hope you enjoy the powerful sounds of mother nature in the far south. It is a magical place to visit. Thanks for listening.


  • Zero wildlife of any kind in these recordings. You'll only hear wind.
  • Alpine wind
  • Forest wind
  • Light, moderate, and heavy wind
  • 80+ mph gusts
  • Soothing, eerie, ominous, roaring, and tranquil
  • Singing interior cabin drones
  • Creaks and squeaks


  • Patagonia is a magical place that's been on my recording bucket list for years. This was the most physically demanding recording expedition I've been on because of the wild geography you have to traverse to record. For a little perspective, during the expedition I hiked 125 miles and climbed a total of 20,000 ft...all while hauling 40-50 pounds of audio gear. Some places really make you work for it, and Patagonia was one of them. 
  • Watch the first video. That's me scrambling through a steep glacial morraine made up of loose rocks and boulders, with 60+ mph gusts slamming me, while carrying 50 lbs of gear. It is VERY hard to stay on your feet. But well worth it for the wind recordings!
  • In the area I was recording, the forest are almost exclusively made up of one tree, the Lenga. It is uniquely adapted to the microclimates around El Chalten, Argentina. It grows as a small bush at the treeline all the way up to a large 100 ft tree in wind protected valleys.
  • The Lenga is deciduous, with a very small leaf. These very small leaves create a lovely soothing wind that sounds more "coniferous" than any other deciduous tree I've recorded. These old, gnarled forests also have the most Lord of the Rings-like feel of any forests I've visited. They look and sound magical. I hope you enjoy listening and that the recordings transport you to this  breathtaking place. 
  • I'll release a full blog post will longer stories from my adventures in Patagonia in the coming months. 

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            LIBRARY INFO:

            Stereo Specs: 8.1 GB – 96 kHz / 24-bit – 60 stereo WAV files – Approx. 3.8 hours total
            Quad Specs: 1.7 GB – 96 kHz / 24-bit – 7 Quad WAV files – Approx. 25 min total
            Stereo + Quad Specs:  9.8 GB – 3.8 hours total
            Metadata: Universal Category System, CSV, Soundminer, BWAV
            Categories: WINDVege, WINDInt, WINDTurb, Alpine, Forest
            Location: Patagonia, Argentina, February 2024, Summer
            Mastering: read my Field Recording Mastering Rules for more info.
            Delivery: Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
            License type: Single user, royalty-free - for a multi-user license, click here
            Sound Library Guarantee: If you're unhappy with my field recordings in any way, I'll give you store credit equal to the cost of the sound library. Read the full details – here.

            GEAR USED:

            • Sennheiser MKH8040 pair in ORTF
            • LOM Usi & Usi Pro
            • Sound Devices MixPre-6 II
            • Zoom F6 & F3
            • Sony A10
            • Cinela LEO25 Blimps
            • Cinela LEO20 Blimps
            • Bubblebee Wind Bubbles

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