AMB69 Iceland: Wind 2
AMB69 Iceland: Wind 2
AMB69 Iceland: Wind 2
AMB69 Iceland: Wind 2
AMB69 Iceland: Wind 2
AMB69 Iceland: Wind 2
AMB69 Iceland: Wind 2
AMB69 Iceland: Wind 2
AMB69 Iceland: Wind 2
AMB69 Iceland: Wind 2

AMB69 Iceland: Wind 2

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  • In Iceland: Wind 2 get an expansive collection of singing wires from the arctic landscapes of Iceland. Hear the soothing melodies of wires humming in mountain passes. Hear eerie whistles through moss covered lavaflows and blustery 90 mph gusts whipping down fjords. Hear the spaciousness of a landscape without trees and haunting drones from power lines singing in the high mountains. 
  • This library offers a large collection of arctic wind whistles. This little island out in the middle of the North Atlantic is an incredibly windy place and is a magical place to visit. Thanks for listening.


  • All recordings contain singing wires
  • Eerie whisps
  • Ominous low drones
  • Humming midrange melodies
  • Light, moderate, and heavy alpine wind
  • Thunderous 90+ mph gusts


  • Iceland is a ridiculously windy place as an isolated island in the middle of the North Atlantic. I happened to arrive during a a massive windstorm that lasted the first 7 days of my trip. One gust actually picked me up and flew me like a kite for about 50 ft...but more on that later. 
  • I'm always searching for ominous wind drones (that many people think occur naturally in nature but are usually caused by singing wires). 
  • I asked my ice climbing guide if he knew of any good spots, and he pointed me toward a mountain pass that two fabulous characteristics: an insanely long power line run up from the valley, and a cell tower/weather station that had lots of shorter cables. 
  • This was NOT an ideal spot to hide drop rigs, and during one overnight session no less that three separate groups of people found and investigated my rig! Luckily they were very kind and did not steal anything. 
  • I spent 3 weeks in Iceland on this trip and found several lovely spots to record droning winds. There were gusts ranged from 20 to 90 mph and they made for some fabulously melodic singing wires. I hope you enjoy listening.

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              LIBRARY INFO:

              Stereo Specs: 6.5 GB – 96 kHz / 24-bit – 54 stereo WAV files – Approx. 3.1 hours total
              Metadata: Universal Category System, CSV, Soundminer, BWAV
              Categories: WINDTonl, Alpine, Moss, Wire Whistles
              Location: Iceland - March 2023
              Mastering: read my Field Recording Mastering Rules for more info.
              Delivery: Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
              License type: Single user, royalty-free - for a multi-user license, click here
              Sound Library Guarantee: If you're unhappy with my field recordings in any way, I'll give you store credit equal to the cost of the sound library. Read the full details – here.

              GEAR USED:

              • Sennheiser MKH8040 pair and MKH30
              • LOM Usi
              • Sound Devices MixPre-3 II
              • Zoom F3
              • Sony A10
              • Cinela Pianissimo DMS Blimp
              • Cinela LEO20 Blimps
              • Bubblebee Wind Bubbles

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