SD33 Sled Dogs
SD33 Sled Dogs
SD33 Sled Dogs
SD33 Sled Dogs
SD33 Sled Dogs
SD33 Sled Dogs
SD33 Sled Dogs
SD33 Sled Dogs
SD33 Sled Dogs

SD33 Sled Dogs

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  • In Sled Dogs, get a mournful collection of wolf-like howls. Hear grumpy barks and visceral snarling that can't help but startle. Hear lonesome solo howls and melodic duets with beautiful counterpoint. Hear heartbreaking cries of hungry puppies and megapacks of 250 sled dogs howling at the arctic moon. 
  • This library offers you a collection of sounds from dog teams with loads of character. To me, they sound more like wild animals than dogs, something between a coyote and a wolf. These energetic and joyful dogs live to run. They wait, chained to a rock, during the summer months...dreaming of the freedom of the sea ice. Their howls hit me in a visceral way, I hope you enjoy them too. Thanks for listening. 


    • Megapacks of 250 wolf-like sled dogs howling
    • Sled teams of 8-12 dogs howling
    • Megapacks, packs, solos, duets, and puppies
    • Close and distant perspectives
    • Lonesome solo howls
    • Playful duets
    • Playful, whimpering, and crying puppies
    • Yips and barks
    • Whimpers and cries
    • Angry barks and snarls
    • Eerie resonant echoes


    • The village I visited in Greenland had a population of 200 people, and 250 sled dogs! These "dogs" don't really sound like domestic animals to my ears. They have a tough, wild life in Greenland and sound more like something between a coyote and wolf. Imagine one wolf-like howl starts in the distance. Then another. Then another. The sound slowly daisy chains down the fjord as one dog triggers another, until a giant megapack of 250 wolves is howling! The whole event takes 3-5 minutes and is immensely powerful to hear
    • I first heard it at about 2:00 am my first night in Kulusuk. I've been woken up by coyotes while camping, but this was next level. The volume and range of character within the megapack was fascinating. 
    • These dogs are the breed "East Greenland Dog" and are tough animals. They are not pets. They do not have names. They are transportation during the long Greenlandic winter. 
    • One lifetime ago, the winter sea ice lasted for 7-8 months. Nowadays the sea ice is solid for only 4-5 months. The other 7-8 months the dogs are chained to a rock and fed seal. 
    • Sled dogs are a large part of the local culture in Kulusuk and sadly many people are considering getting rid of their dogs because they can now use them only 4-5 months per year. If that gets down to 3-4 months, it is likely that this part of the East Greenlandic culture will be lost. Greenlanders will instead use boats for the majority of the year for transportation, fishing, and hunting. 
    • On a sad note, a mother dog died in her sleep while I was recording. I thought her puppies had been cuddling cutely with her all afternoon, but they had been cuddling with their dead mom. Once we discovered she had died, my guide had to to take the body away. When he did that, the pack and her puppies realized what had happened let out heartbreaking shrieks. The pack was soooooo upset to lose one of its members and it was an intensely visceral sound. It was one of the saddest things I've ever recorded. Hear some of those mournful cries in the demo from 2:55 to the end. Luckily the puppies were old enough to bottle fed and should survive.

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              Stereo Specs: 3.7 GB – 96 kHz / 24-bit – 107 stereo WAV files – Approx. 1.7 hours total
              Metadata: Universal Category System, CSV, Soundminer, BWAV
              Categories: ANMLDog, Sled Dog, East Greenland Dog
              Location: East Greenland – July 2022
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              GEAR USED:

              • LOM Usi and LOM Usi Pro
              • Micbooster Clippy
              • Zoom F3
              • Sony D100
              • Cinela LEO20 Blimps
              • Bubblebee Wind Bubbles

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