14,409' for wind ensemble and seasonal electronics (2015) - 6'
14,409' for wind ensemble and seasonal electronics (2015) - 6'

14,409' for wind ensemble and seasonal electronics (2015) - 6'

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Program Note: 

In the spring of 2012, I spent approximately 800 hours training, preparing, and participating in a guided climb of Mt. Rainier. Struck by Mt. Rainier’s breathtaking beauty, I built a computer program to pull weather data from Camp Muir located at 10,000 feet on Mt. Rainier to weave site-specific data into my composition. This software translates temperature data into two different seasonal electronic versions. For instance, if the temperature is above freezing, my program creates a drone with brighter, more vibrant sound and if the temperature is below freezing, it creates a darker, denser sound. I accomplished this variation by changing which harmonics are used in the creation of the drone. On the day of the rehearsal or performance, the software checks the temperature at Camp Muir and then chooses one of the two seasonal versions of the electronics. As a result, the seasonal electronics directly connect the auditory experience with the current environment of Mt. Rainier. 


  • BGSU University Band, premiere performance, Bowling Green, Ohio, April, 2015


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