B03 Ambiences Bundle - 59 Libraries
B03 Ambiences Bundle - 59 Libraries
B03 Ambiences Bundle - 59 Libraries
B03 Ambiences Bundle - 59 Libraries
B03 Ambiences Bundle - 59 Libraries
B03 Ambiences Bundle - 59 Libraries
B03 Ambiences Bundle - 59 Libraries
B03 Ambiences Bundle - 59 Libraries
B03 Ambiences Bundle - 59 Libraries

B03 Ambiences Bundle - 59 Libraries

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    1. AMB59 Nature Roomtones: Tundra 2 (Stereo)
    2. AMB58 Greenland: Ice Caves (Stereo)
    3. AMB57 Greenland: Calving Glaciers (Stereo + Quad)
    4. AMB56 Greenland: Underwater Icebergs (Stereo)
    5. AMB55 Nature Roomtones: Grasslands (Stereo + Quad)
    6. AMB54 Kentucky: Active Nature (Stereo + Quad)
    7. AMB53 Kentucky: Quiet Nature (Stereo + Quad)
    8. AMB52 Tennessee: Rain (Stereo)
    9. AMB51 Tennessee: Wind (Stereo + Quad + DMS)
    10. AMB50 Tennessee: Quiet Nature (Stereo + Quad + DMS)
    11. AMB49 Colorado: Wind (Stereo + Quad + DMS)
    12. AMB48 Nature Roomtones: Deserts 2 (Stereo + Quad + DMS)
    13. AMB47 Colorado: Thunderstorms (Stereo)
    14. AMB46 Iceland: Quiet Nature (Stereo + Quad + DMS)
    15. AMB45 Iceland: Wind (Stereo)
    16. AMB44 Iceland: Active Nature (Stereo + Quad + DMS)
    17. AMB43 Nature Roomtones: Tundra (Stereo + Quad)
    18. AMB42 Iceland: Waves, Streams, & Waterfalls (Stereo + Quad)
    19. AMB41 Iceland: Rain (Stereo)
    20. AMB40 Nature Roomtones: Wetlands (Stereo + Quad)
    21. AMB39 Colorado: Falling Snow (Stereo)
    22. AMB38 Maine: Wind (Stereo + Quad)
    23. AMB37 Maine: Quiet Nature (Stereo + Quad)
    24. AMB36 Nature Roomtones: Forest 2 (Stereo + Quad)
    25. AMB35 Maine: Rain (Stereo + Quad)
    26. AMB34 Ribbit (Stereo + Quad)
    27. AMB33 Pacific Northwest: Quiet Nature 2 – Eastern Washington (Stereo + Quad)
    28. AMB32 Pacific Northwest: Wind – Eastern Washington (Stereo + Quad)
    29. AMB31 Pacific Northwest: Falling Snow – Eastern Washington (Stereo + Quad)
    30. AMB30 Nature Roomtones: Forest (Stereo + Quad)
    31. AMB29 Hoot (Stereo + Quad)
    32. AMB28 Alaska: Lake Waves – Stereo
    33. AMB27 Alaska: Active Nature (Stereo + Quad)
    34. AMB26 Alaska: Quiet Nature (Stereo + Quad)
    35. AMB25 Alaska: Rain (Stereo + Quad)
    36. AMB24 Alaska: Wind (Stereo + Quad)
    37. AMB23 Nature Roomtones: Deserts - Stereo
    38. AMB22 High Desert Ambiences 6: Fox – West Texas (Stereo)
    39. AMB21 Great Lakes: Active Nature – Michigan (Stereo)
    40. AMB20 Great Lakes: Quiet Nature  – Michigan (Stereo)
    41. AMB19 Great Lakes: Sandhill Cranes – Michigan (Stereo)
    42. AMB18 High Desert Ambiences 5: Crickets – West Texas (Stereo)
    43. AMB17 High Desert Ambiences 4: Coyotes – West Texas (Stereo)
    44. AMB16 Pacific Northwest: Storm Waves – Olympic Peninsula, Washington (Stereo)
    45. AMB15 Pacific Northwest: Active Nature – Olympic Peninsula, Washington (Stereo)
    46. AMB14 Pacific Northwest: Quiet Nature – Olympic Peninsula, Washington (Stereo)
    47. AMB13 Pacific Northwest: Roosevelt Elk – Olympic Peninsula, Washington (Stereo)
    48. AMB12 Northern Rockies: Active Nature – Montana (Stereo)
    49. AMB11 Northern Rockies: Quiet Nature – Montana (Stereo)
    50. AMB10 Loons – Montana (Stereo)
    51. AMB09 Northern Rockies: Miniature – Montana (Stereo)
    52. AMB08 High Desert Ambiences 3: Quiet Nature – West Texas (Stereo)
    53. AMB07 High Desert Ambiences 2: Active Nature – West Texas (Stereo)
    54. AMB06 High Desert Ambiences 1: Miniature – West Texas (Stereo)
    55. AMB05 New York | Gorges and Waterfalls (Stereo)
    56. AMB04 High Desert Thunderstorms – West Texas (Stereo)
    57. AMB03 High Desert Winds 2 – West Texas (Stereo)
    58. AMB02 High Desert Winds 1 – West Texas (Stereo)
    59. AMB01 High Desert Trains – West Texas (Stereo)


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      Specs: 188.2 hours total – See full specs in the spreadsheet above. 
      Metadata: CSV, Soundminer, BWAV, Text Markers
      Categories: Various - spreadsheet above
      Location: Various - see spreadsheet above
      Mastering: read my Field Recording Mastering Rules for more info.
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      License type: Single user, royalty-free - for a multi-user license, click here
      Sound Library Guarantee: If you're unhappy with my field recordings in any way, I'll give you store credit equal to the cost of the sound library. Read the full details – here.

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