SD37 Wild Animal Calls 2

SD37 Wild Animal Calls 2

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  • In Wild Animal Calls 2, get a large collection of animals in their natural environments. Hear charismatic croaks of Norwegian Ravens and sweet songs of Snow Buntings in Greenland. Hear screeching Stellar's Jays and Barred Owl rap battles. Hear Icelandic Arctic Terns circling above their grassy nest and the astonishingly dense chorus of millions of 17 year cicadas that just awoke from their long slumber. Hear haunting wolf-like choruses of 250+ Greenlandic sled dogs and hummingbirds aerial acrobatics. Hear massive Moose running and Ptarmigan clicking like aliens. Hear lonely Loons singing on boreal lakes and the intense nasal cacophony of arctic seabird colonies. 
  • This library offers you a wide assortment of sounds from wild animals (and one very non-wild French Bulldog).


  • 57 species
  • Recordings from North America, Norway, Iceland, and Greenland
  • Arctic seabird colonies
  • Various songbirds
  • Various seabirds
  • Massive moose running
  • Sad baby squirrels whimpering
  • Wolf-like 250+ sled dog choruses
  • 17-year cicadas
  • Regal Ravens
  • Eerie Snipe Winnowing
  • Haunting loons singing on boreal lakes
  • Ptarmigan clicking like aliens
  • The weezy and playful sounds of one very "non-wild" French Bulldog
  • Parabolic, Stereo, and Quad recordings


  • SD37 Wild Animal Calls 2 has some overlap with my sound design libraries. These sounds are the exact same files included in the sound design libraries, so you get a discount. A total of 46 sounds are included from these libraries: SD01 High Desert Hummingbirds, SD27 Ravens, SD29 17-year Cicadas, SD30 Neigh, and SD33 Sled Dogs. Contact me – here – if you already own any of these (SD) libraries for a discount. 
  • In addition, some animal calls in SD37 Wild Animal Calls 2 are excerpts from my ambience (AMB) libraries. However, those sounds are not discounted because I have done additional editing to isolate those vocalizations from long ambiences. 


  • View larger version or Download CSV.
  • A spectrogram is included for each audio file. Double click on the photo to enlarge.
  • Included Species: 17-year Cicada, American Crow, American Goldfinch, Arctic Tern, Barred Owl, Black-headed Gull, Black-legged Kittiwake, Black-throated Warbler, Blue Jay, Bumblebee, Canadian Geese, Carolina Chickadee, Carolina Wren, Chipmunk, Cicada, Common Gull, Common Loon, Common Raven, Common Redpoll, Common Redshank, Common Snipe, Cricket, Downy Woodpecker, Eastern Phoebe, Eastern Whip-poor-will, Eastern Wood-pewee, European Golden-plover, Flies, French Bulldog, Glaucous Gull, Golden-crowned Kinglet, Graylag Goose, Great Crested Flycatcher, Herring Gull, Hooded Warbler, House Wren, Lesser Black-backed Gull, Louisiana Waterthrush, Merlin, Mew Gull, Moose, Northern Cardinal, Parasitic Jaeger, Pileated Woodpecker, Pine Warbler, Ptarmigan, Pygmy Nuthatch, Red-tailed Hawk, Red-bellied Woodpecker, Red-eyed Vireo, Red-throated Loon, Redwing, Ruffed Grouse, Rufous Hummingbird, Sad Baby Squirrel, Sled Dog, Snow Bunting, Spring Peepers, Steller's Jay, Tufted Titmouse


  • Stereo Only: recorded in stereo (L/R) – these recordings do not include a Quad version
  • Stereo: Stereo (L/R)
  • Quad: Quad (L/R/Ls/Rs)


Stereo Specs: 6.9 GB – 96 kHz or 192 kHz / 24-bit –  283 stereo WAV files  – Approx. 188 minutes (3.1 hours) total
Quad Specs: 2.2 GB – 96 kHz or 192 kHz / 24-bit –  44 Quad WAV files  – Approx. 28 minutes total
Stereo + Quad Specs: 9.3 GB - Approx. 3.1 hours total
Metadata:  Universal Category System, CSV, Soundminer, BWAV
Categories: ANMLAmph, ANMLDog, ANMLInsc, ANMLRdnt, ANMLWild, BIRDCrow, BIRDFowl, BIRDPrey, BIRDSea, BIRDSong, BIRDTrop, BIRDWade
Location: United States, Norway, Iceland, Greenland
Mastering: read my Field Recording Mastering Rules for more info.
Delivery: Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type: Single user, royalty-free - for a multi-user license, click here

Sound Library Guarantee: If you're unhappy with my field recordings in any way, I'll give you store credit equal to the cost of the sound library. Read the full details – here.


  • Sennheiser MKH8040 pair and MKH30 in Double Mid/Side
  • Sennheiser MKH8020s
  • LOM Usi and Usi Pro
  • Sound Devices MixPre-3 II and MixPre-6
  • Zoom F3 and F6
  • Sony D100
  • Sony A10
  • Cinela Pianissimo Double Mid/Side Blimp
  • Cinela Leo Blimps
  • Bubblebee wind bubbles

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