SD23 Bat Echolocation
SD23 Bat Echolocation
SD23 Bat Echolocation
SD23 Bat Echolocation
SD23 Bat Echolocation
SD23 Bat Echolocation
SD23 Bat Echolocation
SD23 Bat Echolocation
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SD23 Bat Echolocation

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  • In Bat Echolocation, get a collection of unheard sounds from North American bats. Hear powerful clicks that sound like alien languages and musical pings that ring for ages. Hear laser-like chirps and the feeding buzz of bats on the hunt. Hear a batnado as millions of Mexican free-tailed bats exit their cave and swarm with starling-like murmurations.
  • This library offers you a collection of sounds not normally heard by human hears. With a little pitch shifting, this ultrasonic world is at your fingertips. I find unheard sounds fascinating, I hope you enjoy them too. Thanks for listening. 


  • This demo is made up of pitch shifted sounds. Otherwise you would not be able to hear them :)
  • All sounds included in library are ultrasonic other than the BATNADO swarm from 3:00 to end.


  • Swarming BATNADO of millions of Mexican free-tailed bats
  • laser-like chirps
  • resonant pings
  • powerful searching clicks
  • single bats and duets
  • feeding buzz: accelerating attack clicks
  • Most included files are above the range of human hearing. So they must be varispeed pitch shifted to be used for sound design.
  • I recommend -60% to -98% varispeed pitch shifting.
  • Ultrasonic bat echolocation clicks ranging from 20 kHz to 90 kHz
  • North American bat species from 5 different locations

            FILE LIST:

            TEXT MARKERS: 

            • Named markers are included in each file to help find interesting events in an otherwise uniform waveform. 

            GEAR USED:

            • Sennheiser MKH8040 and MKH30 in Mid/Side
            • Sennheiser MKH8040 pair in ORTF
            • Lom Usi
            • Sound Devices 702
            • Sound Devices MixPre-6 and MixPre-3 II
            • Sony D100
            • Cinela Pianissimo Double Mid/Side Blimp
            • Rycote ORTF Blimp
            • Rycote MS Blimp

              LIBRARY INFO:

              • I recommend -50% to -98% varispeed pitch shifting for sound design usage. Therefore, the 38 minutes of included sounds functions as a much larger collection of 2+ hours of material.
              Stereo Specs: 2.6 GB – 192 kHz / 24-bit – 65 stereo WAV files – 500+ sounds – Approx. 38 min total
              Metadata: CSV, Soundminer, BWAV, Text Markers
              Categories: Animals & Creatures, Bats
              Location: North America - Various locations
              Mastering: read my Field Recording Mastering Rules for more info.
              Delivery: Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
              License type: Single user, royalty-free - for a multi-user license, click here
              Sound Library Guarantee: If you're unhappy with my field recordings in any way, I'll give you store credit equal to the cost of the sound library. Read the full details – here.