SD04 Harmonic Series Drones
SD04 Harmonic Series Drones
SD04 Harmonic Series Drones
SD04 Harmonic Series Drones
SD04 Harmonic Series Drones
SD04 Harmonic Series Drones
SD04 Harmonic Series Drones
SD04 Harmonic Series Drones
SD04 Harmonic Series Drones
SD04 Harmonic Series Drones
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SD04 Harmonic Series Drones

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  • Harmonic Series Drones is an extension of several of my music compositions. Over the past few years, I've been very interested in data sonification, writing several pieces that turn real-time weather data into music. This library was created using a drone generator that turns weather data into sound. I built this drone generator for my piece Sitka for piano and seasonal electronics
  • Instead of pulling weather data from Sitka, Alaska, as I did in the piece, I used 2016 daily temperature data from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a fragile place wrapped up in current political drama and now open to drilling. This library is a sonification of 2016 temperature data in ANWR. The highest global temperature on record was recorded in 2016 (2016 Global Climate Report). It is even worse in the Arctic where temperatures are warming at twice the rate of lower latitudes (2016 Arctic Report Card). With this library, you'll be able to hear the warming, and I hope this library helps to draw attention to the rapidly changing environment of the Arctic.
  • Each of the forty-eight drones corresponds to the average temperature of a day in 2016, with twelve drones from each of the four seasons. The drones are built from pure tones made from tightly filtered pink noise. These pure tones are then stacked in harmonic series relationships. For instance, a winter drone might consist of the fundamental and four lowest partials. A summer drone could have the fundamental and partials seven, fourteen, and thirty-two. 
  • The drones stand on their own without the story. If you never knew they started with weather data, you would still find a variety of pure, rich, microtonal drones with enough variety to fit the mood of any project.  


  • All files are sample seamless loops. So, there are no fade-ins and outs and the files are ready for looping in any DAW. 
  • Consonant and dissonant drones
  • Simple and complex drones
  • Each of the 48 drones is between 1 and 1.5 minutes in duration
  • Non-periodic undulating drones
  • Each harmonic has a randomized gain, so the drones pulse non-periodically.
  • Drones were made from tightly filter pink noise, so drones have a small amount of soothing and airy pink noise.
  • Microtonal harmonic series relationships create beautiful beating between drone harmonics. 
  • All drones have a fundamental of G1 (49Hz). Transpose them as needed to fit any project. 
  • Partials are included in the metadata, for example, "fundamental_G1_harmonics_1_2_3_4_7_16".


  • Weather data included in the Soundminer Description and BWAV description fields. 
  • Temperature data was translated as a combination of lowest harmonic, number of harmonics, and highest harmonic.
  • Generally, lower temperatures include bass harmonics and higher temperatures include treble harmonics. For example, the hottest day of the year only included harmonics 18 and 24. 
  • Location: weather data is from the NOAA station at Helmut Mountain, Alaska in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge



    • Max/MSP 7


    Specs: 3.86 GB – 192 kHz / 24-bit – 48 WAV files – 48+ sounds – Approx. 48 min total 
    Metadata: CSV, Soundminer, BWAV
    Categories: Drones & Moods, Harmonic Series
    Location: Temperature data from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge – 2016.
    Mastering: read my Field Recording Mastering Rules for more info.
    Delivery: Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
    License type: Single user, royalty-free - for a multi-user license, click here
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      How can I use your sounds? 

      • Please read the full sound library End-User License Agreement. Written in plain English, without tons of legalese, it clearly details how you can use my sounds!

      What's the difference between Quiet Nature, Active Nature, and Miniature sound libraries? 

      • Quiet Nature = sparse fauna (wildlife), flora (usually wind), and water
      • Active Nature = active fauna (wildlife), flora (usually wind), and water
      • Miniature = a mini-nature collection of both quiet and active nature sounds

      Field Recording Values

      2% for the Environment

      • Two percent of the price of each library is donated to an environmental cause, as an “artist royalty” for the planet!
      • The following causes are supported through each purchase: 
        1. World Wildlife Fund
        2. Ocean Conservancy
        3. One Square Inch
        4. EcoSono

      Carbon Neutral

      • Carbon offset credits were purchased to offset my field recording travel starting with AMB10. 
      • Credits are purchased through Offsetters. Read more about their policies and program – here

      My Field Recording Mastering Rules:

      I believe in preserving natural soundscapes and I work tirelessly to find places where true "natural silence" can still be heard. I want the listener to hear the sound as if they were there themselves!

      • Rule 1: Field recordings including any man-made sounds (i.e. planes, cars, and distant generators) must be thrown out. These sounds cannot be removed in Izotope's RX. Distant trains sound lovely and can be included. 
      • Rule 2: Excision of man-made sounds from long recordings and subsequent crossfading is not allowed. Sounds must be included as two shorter clips if a section is removed. 
      • Rule 3: Sounds made by the field recordist can be removed: handling noise, stomach gurgles, clothing sounds...etc. Also, sounds made by minor gear malfunctions may be removed. 
      • Rule 4: De-plosive, Spectral Repair, and Dynamic EQ (with a low shelf filter) can be used to reduce low wind energy. 
      • Rule 5: Limited use of high and low shelf filters is acceptable to reduce noise floor hiss, but never when sounds are present in those frequencies.
      • Rule 6: High pass filters are not allowed. 
      • Rule 7: De-noising is never allowed.

      Libraries Where I Broke the Rules: 

      I follow my rules as much as possible, but occasionally I break them. If a man-made sound was removed from a clip, it was marked in the Soundminer "Notes" metadata field. 

      • SD06 Wind Harp ($59) - birds were removed from 8 of 41 tracks in RX.
      • AMB17 High Desert Ambiences 4: Coyotes ($39) - distant generator hums were removed from all tracks. These generators were from fire fighters and are not normally present in the area. Also, ranch dog barks were removed from some coyote choruses. 
      • AMB15 Pacific Northwest: Active Nature ($59) - RV generator hums were removed from 11 of 58 tracks in RX.
      • AMB13 Pacific Northwest: Miniature ($29) - RV generator hums, distant car door slams, or camera shutters were removed from 5 of the 19 tracks in RX.
      • AMB10 Northern Rockies: Common Loons ($39) - Extremely distant 60 Hz generator hum was removed from 9 of the 26 audio clips using RX's De-hum module.
      • AMB04 High Desert Thunderstorms ($99) - Birds were removed in RX to isolate the sounds of thunder. 

        Libraries Where I Followed the Rules: 

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              Field Recording Values

              An astonishing number natural soundscapes are disappearing. I work to preserve as many as I can. 

              Mastering Rules

              I don't "photoshop" my nature sounds. Read my Field Recording Mastering Rules – here

              2% For the Environment

              Two percent of the price of this library is donated to an environmental cause, as an “artist royalty” for the planet! Read more – here

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