Custom Recording
Thomas Rex Beverly

Custom Recording

Regular price $1,000.00 USD


  • Do you need sounds recorded for your audio project? If so, I'm available for domestic and international field recording. 
  • Quotes are made based on travel costs, per diem recording rate, hourly mastering rate.
  • Travel costs vary widely depending on the trip location and time of year. 
  • My per diem recording rate starts at $1000 and then varies by project and location. 
  • My mastering rate is $50 per hour.
  • Sounds recorded on location are licensed exclusively to the commissioner of the field recording trip


  • Travel costs for a 7-day trip = $4,000
  • Field recording for 7 days at a per diem rate of $1000 = $7000
  • 20 hours of mastering at $50 per hour = $2000
  • Total cost = $13,000


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