Out of Office

I'm off the grid on a field recording trip from February 4th to February 23rd. I will have limited access to email during this time, so I'll respond as soon as possible when I return from the trip.

You can still place orders during this time and you will automatically receive your invoice and download links. You have 5 download attempts and 7 days to download your files. Make sure you download your files during the 7 day window since I will be off the grid and will not be able to reset your download links.

If you have an issue with a sound library order, please follow these steps to troubleshoot. You have a few options if you run out of download attempts, do not download your sounds within the 7 days window, or have any other issues.

  1. Wait until February 24th. I'll fix the issue with I'm back from my trip.
  2. Place a second identical order on my website. This will generate new download links. Then, I will refund the price of the first order on February 24th.
  3. Place an second identical order on A Sound Effect. With proof of purchase on A Sound Effect, I will refund the price of the first order from my website on February 24th.

If you have any other questions or issues, please contact me – here – and I'll respond on February 24th.

Thanks for listening,