AMB46 Iceland: Quiet Nature
AMB46 Iceland: Quiet Nature
AMB46 Iceland: Quiet Nature
AMB46 Iceland: Quiet Nature
AMB46 Iceland: Quiet Nature
AMB46 Iceland: Quiet Nature
AMB46 Iceland: Quiet Nature
AMB46 Iceland: Quiet Nature
AMB46 Iceland: Quiet Nature
AMB46 Iceland: Quiet Nature
AMB46 Iceland: Quiet Nature
AMB46 Iceland: Quiet Nature
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AMB46 Iceland: Quiet Nature

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  • In Iceland: Quiet Nature, get a collection of serene ambiences from Iceland. Hear the immense sparseness of resonant fjords. Hear massive moss covered lavaflows that envelop your senses and transport you to the landscapes of a long lost time. Hear the tranquil beauty of sprawling tundra grass untouched by human hands during days of endless light. Hear lonesome songbirds singing softly and distant loons eerily wailing.
  • This library is packed full of tracks with sparse flora and fauna from the austere landscapes of the arctic. I feel a powerful sense of awe after visiting these landscapes. I hope the sounds help to re-wild your ears as they did mine. Thanks for listening. 

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  • Quiet nature ambiences with sparse flora and fauna
  • Tranquil seabirds
  • Sparse, melodic songbirds
  • Wing flutters and whooshing flybys
  • Light and moderate wind
  • Eerie moss covered lavaflows
  • Coastal plains of tall green tundra grass
  • Deciduous green leaf shrubland
  • Ominous distant surf
  • Resonant Fjords

              FILE LIST:

              • View larger version or Download CSV.
              • A spectrogram is included for each audio file. Double click on the photo in the file list to enlarge.
              • Species List: Common Loon, Red-throated Loon, Arctic Tern, Common Snipe, Black-headed Gull, Common Redshank, Redwing, European Golden-Plover, Whimbrel, Rock Ptarmigan, Parasitic Jaeger

                STEREO INFO:

                • All filenames are appended with "Stereo" or "Stereo Only"
                • Stereo: Double Mid/Side decoded to Stereo (L/R)
                • Stereo Only: Recorded in AB. 

                QUAD INFO: 

                • All filenames are appended with "Quad"
                • Quad: Double Mid/Side decoded to Quad (L/R/Ls/Rs)

                DOUBLE MID/SIDE INFO:

                • All filenames are appended with "DMS"
                • Double Mid/Side (DMS): 3-channel format (Channel 1 = Front, Channel 2 = Side, Channel 3 = Rear)
                • DMS files are source files for the Quad recordings. 
                • These files offer more flexibility for decoding. For example, you have the option to use a plug-in like Harpex to decode from DMS to 5.1 or 7.1. 

                        LIBRARY SPECS:

                        Stereo Specs: 7.8 GB – 96 kHz / 24-bit –  52 WAV files  – Approx. 3.8 hours total
                        Quad Specs: 6.5 GB – 96 kHz / 24-bit – 23 Quad WAV filess – Approx. 1.6 hours total
                        New Option – Double Mid/Side (DMS) Specs: 4.9 GB Total – 23, 3-channel WAV files – 1.6 hours total
                        Metadata: Universal Category System, CSV, Soundminer, BWAV
                        UCS Categories: AMBTndra, AMBSea
                        UCS Vendor Categories: Grass, Moss, Shrubland, Red Sand
                        Location: Iceland – Summer 2021
                        Mastering: read my Field Recording Mastering Rules for more info.
                        Delivery: Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
                        License type: Single user, royalty-free - for a multi-user license, click here
                        Sound Library Guarantee: If you're unhappy with my field recordings in any way, I'll give you store credit equal to the cost of the sound library. Read the full details – here.

                        GEAR USED:

                        • Sennheiser MKH8040 pair and MKH30 in Double Mid/Side
                        • LOM Usi
                        • Sound Devices MixPre-3 II
                        • Sony D100
                        • Sony A10
                        • Cinela Pianissimo Double Mid/Side Blimp
                        • Cinela Leo Blimps