Giving Contest 2019

Giving Contest 2019


  • Congrats Jeremy Zussman! You won the sound libraries :)
  • Thank you to everyone who donated to support these causes. 
  • The total amount raised was $810 from 40 donors!



I am joining forces with Andy Martin and George Vlad to raise money for environmental causes this holiday season. The three of us have a deep love of nature and actively work to preserve the natural soundscapes through our field recording. We are each donating some of our recordings as a prize to encourage donations.



    • Approx. $1000 worth of nature sound libraries. 
    • Andy Martin is donating an original selection of surround soundscapes (a $300 value) from the Pacific Northwest of the United States.
    • Thomas Rex Beverly is donating Stereo + Quad version of his Alaska Bundle ($329). Six sound libraries containing a variety of sounds from the Alaskan Arctic.
    • George Vlad is donating surround versions of his African Jungle ($150), African Cloud Forest ($120), and Amazon Jungle ($125) sound libraries.


    1. The giving contest is from 12/13/2019 to 12/31/2019
    2. Join by donating at least $10.
    3. For every $10 you donate, your name is put into the hat one time. For example, if you made a $100 donation your name would be put into the hat 10 times. So, the more you donate the better your chance of winning the sound libraries :)
    4. To join the contest, all you have to do is donate. Your email WILL NOT BE ADDED to any newsletters if you donate. 

    ABOUT US: 

    • George Vlad – Explore his field recordings from Europe and various African countries here:
    • Andy Martin – Explore his Northwest Soundscapes Project as he works to preserve the natural soundscapes of the Pacific Northwest of the United States:
    • Thomas Rex Beverly – nature sounds recordist currently working to preserve a variety of ecosystems throughout North and South America. 


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    2. George Vlad – follow him on Twitter as @theGeorgeVlad
    3. Andy Martin – follow him on Twitter as @soundeziner